Womens Taco Tuesday T-shirt

Heather Gray

Womens Taco Tuesday T-shirt
This is my newest illustrated design, hand-printed onto ultra soft t-shirts. The ink I use is a Japanese water-based brand that is eco-friendly, permanent and durable.

These shirts run VERY SMALL so PLEASE consult the size charts, or contact me if you have ANY sizing questions!

Here are some fun taco facts:

► Tacos predate the Europeans in Mexico and were discovered to be the food of choice by the indigenous folk in the Valley of Mexico. Obviously the Spanish wanted to stake their claim on such fine fare, and dubbed them “tacos.”
►October 3rd is National Taco Day.
► Ensenada, Mexico is said to be the birth place of the fish taco.
►A “Taquería” is a Spanish word meaning taco shop. Originally, the term “taqueria” was used to refer to street vendors, although the term has come to be used more generally to refer to any sort of establishment which serves authentic Mexican food.
►One of the first taco trucks is thought to have started in New York when in 1966.

► Small - Width 15 1/2" | Length 23 1/2"
►Medium Width 16" | Length 24"
►Large - Width 16 1/2" | Length 25"
►X-Large - Width 17"| Length 25"

Printed with water-based black ink. Clickable size chart below.

All Designs & images © Xenotees

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