the perfect fit for IKEA duktig beds as seen on BORED PANDA!

Made in the USA Cat Kicker Toy with Catnip or without!

Kitty cats all over the world enjoy the miniature version of our cat nap pillows. Each one contains a generous amount of organic cat nip. Perfect for bringing to cat birthday parties, or giving to your favorite vet or vet tech!

Super soft | 100% cotton | Made in usa

dresses with pockets

These dresses are so comfy! Made in the USA, they feature generous pockets and a lovely a-line. Our customers lover to wear them to the beach, as nap dresses or out to a local farmer's market in warmer times or areas.

Handy Kitchen Towels + aprons

Gifts for Bakers

For anyone tackling sourdough or pizza dough at home, our unique bakers' gifts are always a hit!

Recycled Recyclable Reusable Shipping Bags from Eco Enclose used by Xenotees
Because Every Day is Earth Day

Sustainable Practices

From our eco-friendly inks, to our recycled shipping bags, we work every day to cut down on waste in our Philadelphia studio.

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