Womens Animal Lover Heart Shirt


Long sleeve American Apparel Ultra-Wash Women's T-shirt | Xenotees Animal Group Nouns Screen-printed Design

What is a group of cats called? (A Clowder!) Or a group of turkeys? (A Rafter!) What about a group of turtles? (A Bale!) You may be familiar with more well known terms, like a 'murder of crows', and a 'gaggle of geese', but there are so many more to discover and enjoy!

Lightweight Pullover version, click here!

This is a list of over 100 animals & their collective nouns arranged into a giant heart- my original design, hand-printed with water-based ink. Some of my favorites animal group nouns include:

♥ a crash of rhinoceros
♥ a peep of chickens
♥ a cackle of hyenas
♥ a drift of pigs

This is an American Apparel long-sleeve shirt. Incredibly soft material! This shirt has a looser, roomier fit than other American Apparel shirts. It's a new style, with a more generous cut. Check out the size chart in the photos section (it's clickable).

Hand-printed with permanent water-based black ink.

Color: Black
Fabric: 100% ringspun combed cotton

Machine wash cold, hang to dry.

All Designs & images © Xenotees

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