New Mini Catnap Pillows are the perfect fit for IKEA Duktig doll beds

New Mini Catnap Pillows are the perfect fit for IKEA Duktig doll beds everyone is hacking for their cats!

August 28, 2017

Mini catnap pillows are the perfect fit for IKEA DUKTIG Doll beds being hacked for cats!

Have you heard about the craze sweeping the cat community & many cat shelters? Perhaps you have seen the cute cat bunk beds on Keeping up with the Kattarshians? You could easily DIY some for your kitties! Cat parents worldwide are hacking these adorable IKEA doll beds that go by the name of Duktig (psssst- they are only $14.99 right now online!). Turns out they are just the right size for adult sized cats, or a kindle of kittens! (Do a Google search for IKEA cat beds and you will be amazed at all the adorable photos and stories!) IKEA has even DONATED some beds to a animal shelter in Ontario, Canada! (Check out the full story on BoredPanda)

Inspired by this IKEA doll bed turned cat bed trend, I created a miniature version of my Catnap pillow case design, screen printed them onto heavy duty canvas, and added just the right amount of organic catnip to each one! They are part cat toy, part comfy cushion for your kitty & their wee beds! 

Veggiedazy cat instagram photo of Xenotees catnap pillow on an IKEA DUKTIG bed

Photo by Serena Boleto @2017 - Veggiedaz on Instagram

They measure approximately 6"x9" in size and are already a huge hit with cats all over the country!  Visit the Cat Lovers' Gift Guide for more cool catcentric finds!


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