3 New Cat Lover Gifts!

December 02, 2015 1 Comment

Unique Cat Lover Gifts
Xenotees now has a few new cat lover items in the shop! As per demand at CatConLA, the "Cats are my Jam" design is now on a super soft American Apparel t-shirt! There are also a few limited editions gold print "Cats are my Bag" totes available. Shop the CAT LOVERS COLLECTION now!


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Mary Erdman
Mary Erdman

September 25, 2015

I love, love, love your cat pillowcases! I’m a simple person who complicates things so when I first ever saw them, I fell in love with them!
My grey cat – Mitzu – is a rescue and a twin to yours! She’s a tattletale on the household as well, maybe alarmist is a better word!

Unfortunately, my bedding came from France with my mom so my pillowcases are a different dimension, however, your red tote is looking appealing to me! Hmmm, we’ll see how the tag sale goes this weekend!

I just really wanted to say how much I lik your work!

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