Animal Lovers Scarf

Charcoal Gray

What is a group of sharkscalled? Or a group of turkeys? What about a group of deer? You may be familiar with more well known terms, like a 'murder of crows', and a 'gaggle of geese', but there are so many more to discover and enjoy!

This is a list of over 100 animals & their collective nouns. Some of my favorites include:

  • a crash of rhinoceros
  • an intrusion of cockroaches
  • a cackle of hyenas
  • a drift of pigs

Celebrate your love for the animals with this unique scarf! It is extremely durable, and machine washable. made of lovely jersey material by American Apparel, and printed with water-based ink in my Philadelphia studio. 100% made in the USA!

More about the scarf:

  • 100% Sheer Jersey cotton construction
  • Dimensions: 93" x 16" (236cm x 41cm)
  • Raw edges
  • Machine Washable

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